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10 TikTok Marketing Strategies For Businesses in 2022!

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10 TikTok Marketing Strategies For Businesses in 2022

I too was skeptical of the power of TikTok for a while. I was not an early adopter by any means, and probably much like you, I thought the platform was only for the Gen-Z audience to dance on. How wrong I was! I’ve now been on TikTok promoting my business and services for about a year. Would it surprise you that I have gotten several high paying clients and dozens of business leads from TikTok? It would have surprised me too. But now I have a consistent lead generation source that has been growing faster than any platform I have ever seen before.

If you’re curious, you can check out my TikTok profile to see what I am doing and what’s working for me. In this article, I’m going to show you exactly what worked for me so that you can develop a working TikTok marketing strategy to grow your business too! If you have any specific questions or would like guidance or help growing your business on TikTok, you can call me directly at: (833) 710-0444.

Businesses We've Helped Grow on TikTok

Austin Armstrong TikTok
Socialty Pro TikTok – Currently at ~259,000 followers

American Addiction Institute TikTok – Currently at ~165,000 followers

Real Talk Recovery TikTok – Currently at ~103,000 followers

Using: My Story TikTok – Currently at ~24,000 followers

Why You Need a TikTok Marketing Strategy

TikTok has been a global phenomenon in the last two years. More and more businesses are getting on the platform and testing it out. Many of them, much like myself, are seeing massive success! With nearly 1 billion active users, there simply is an audience for every business. It’s how you tap into that audience that is the key to your success. Let’s be honest, there still are a lot of dancing videos on TikTok, but they are investing millions of dollars into educational content. This is where your opportunity lies! By creating educational videos about what it is that your business does or sells, using trending songs and industry specific hashtags, you are going to reach the RIGHT audience. Here are some insane TikTok statistics that will blow your mind!

2022 TikTok Statistics

  • TikTok Invested £13 Million in Educational Content
  • TikTok Was the 2nd Most Popular Free Apps Download in 2019
  • TikTok Has the Highest Social Media Engagement Rates Per Post
  • The average TikTok user spends an average of 52 minutes on the app every day
  • In Q1 of 2020, the app had 315 million downloads, which is the best quarter by any app, ever.

How to Market Your Business on TikTok

You should only be investing your time and effort trying to craft content that reaches your core audience. Don’t worry about trying to go viral on TikTok, although that can be a by-product of following these strategies. Instead, develop a clear buyer persona if you haven’t already, and ask yourself, “would this video provide value to this person?”.

Pro Tip: Use specific hashtags as well as TikTok’s educational hashtags.

TikTok hashtags I use: #learnontiktok #digitalmarketing #marketing #onlinemarketing #smallbiztips

1. Focus on One Core Audience That Your Business Serves

Marketing your business on TikTok is easier than you might think it will be. Because of how engaged users are and how few businesses have adopted a TikTok marketing strategy, you still have the opportunity to be an early mover and dominate.

Follow these strategies closely, learn to embrace and love the platform, and stay consistent. Your business will grow on TikTok and I’m sure that you will be pleasantly surprised with the results you get!

2. Outline Your TikTok Content Strategy Ahead of Time

This may sound silly, but as the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. As you can see in the screenshot, this is my content plan for TikTok videos I believed my target audience would be interested in. This is also helpful to do in advance to increase your consistency. You can knock as many as you can out, and save them as drafts. Then just post them when you can. This is a huge time saver.

3. Pay Close Attention to TikTok Trends – Put a Unique Spin on Them

The best advice I can give you is to actually become a consumer on TikTok. Spend time on the platform. Learn about different trends, sounds, effects, and styles of videos that are working for people. This will get your creative juices going so that you can leverage some of these trends and apply them towards growing your business.

4. Research Your Competition, and Your Spin on Their Top Videos

In every video you should be providing a clear CTA (call to action). I like to do this at the end of my videos, but you can also experiment with putting it in other places. For example, I end most of my videos by saying, “For more tips to grow your business online, hit the heart and follow button!”. This tells viewers exactly what my channel is about, how it benefits them, and it converts far more people than just assuming they will follow you!

5. Provide Clear CTA’s in Your Videos

This should be a no-brainer. Do some quick research on hashtags that are in your target industry. Look at what some of the top videos are, look at those people’s/businesses profiles, follow them, and look at what is working for them. I use this strategy often. I will research what other digital marketers top performing videos are, what hashtags they’re using, if they’re using a specific sound, etc… Then I will essentially copy their video, but put my own unique spin or perspective on it.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Copy what works!

How to grow on TikTok
TikTok marketing strategy
TikTok competitor research
add a link in TikTok bio

6. Add a Link In Your Bio Once You’ve Cross 1000 TikTok Followers

So, this feature automatically unlocks once you’ve crossed the 1000 follower threshold. You will be able to add a clickable link to your bio and you can even provide text above it. As you build your audience and post consistently, you will get hundreds if not thousands or more people visiting your profile every day. Many of them will click that link if it applies to them! I have tested driving clicks to paid courses and asking users to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Both have had amazing results.

7. Repost Your Best TikTok Videos With Different Hashtags

One of the best strategies to grow on TikTok is to repost your top performing videos! Now don’t do this every day, but if you have a really great video from a month or so ago that blew up, why not post it again? It will bring in a whole new slew of viewers and followers and you don’t need to do any additional work! You can download your TikTok videos right from the videos settings or you can use a website like this to download the videos without a watermark and then reupload. In case the video is really a top performer and already at the top of previously used hashtag, I like to change it up and use different hashtags. This prevents duplicates from showing on those hashtags and allows you to reach a wider audience.

8. Stay Consistent! Post Multiple Videos Every Day.

Consistency is key on TikTok and they want you to post a lot of videos! The key here is to post as many quality videos per day as you can without burning out. I’ve found that the sweet spot for me is ~3-4 videos every day. Try not to skip a day. This is why batch recording many videos, saving them as drafts, and then posting them later is an extremely helpful strategy.

9. Reply to Every Comment. Video Replies on TikTok are AMAZING

Not only will responding to every comment you get build you a dedicated audience over time, TikTok has an amazing feature called video responses. As the name implies, you can respond to their comment with a video and their comment will be displayed on screen. This is an amazing growth strategy for businesses because not only are you answering a potential client, you now have more videos! Regularly encourage your viewers to leave comments on your posts, and this will help you create more videos that have a chance of reaching a wider audience.

10. Try Live Streaming on TikTok!

If you haven’t live streamed on TikTok yet, give it a shot! It’s a lot of fun and very similar to other platforms. It’s a great strategy to build and nurture your audience. Your live stream will also show up in non followers feeds giving new people the opportunity to subscribe to you as well! I’ve personally seen a lot of active users join and interact in my livestreams, even more so than other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube!

Need Help Growing Your Business on TikTok?

Are you convinced that you need to take your business onto TikTok and start marketing there? Great! I hope this guide was helpful to you, and provides you with a clear path to success. If you need guidance or help marketing your business on TikTok I would love to help. Contact me today at (833) 710-0444 or send me an email to discuss a TikTok marketing strategy for your business! Austin@socialtypro.com