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Drug Rehab Social Media Marketing
Our Proven Strategy To Get Admits

We have officially cracked the code of social media marketing for drug rehab centers! And no, I’m not talking about repurposing the same recovery quotes and celebrity sobriety dates that every other center and agency is doing for you. The strategies that I am going to outline in this article are effective because we have been testing and proving them for various addiction treatment centers for years.

The social media strategies that we are going to outline in this article are focussed on video, education, and building trust. What this strategy does is nurtures the know, like, and trust factor which leads to an individual or a loved one contacting your center for help. We hold nothing back in this article. You can take these strategies and implement them yourself, or hire us to do it for you. Let’s dive in.

Why Your Drug Rehab Center Needs Social Media Marketing

Statista reports that 82% of people in the United States are active on social media in 2021. And with 1 in 10 people in the United States struggling with a substance abuse problem, you are guaranteed to reach them with the right strategy. Social media is a way to create transparency between your rehab center, your professionals, and the individuals and families online that need your help. I’m sorry, but posting inspirational recovery quotes and celebrity sobriety dates may get you some likes and engagement on your social media profiles, but it’s not going to drive you phone calls and leads, education is. Below are the social media platforms we are regularly seeing leads and admits coming from for the drug rehab centers we work with, and exactly how we are doing it.

Social Media Platforms We Are Getting Admits From

There are so many social media platforms out there now. It can seem daunting to come up with an effective strategy for each of them let alone staying active on them! Many treatment centers hire a dedicated social media person, like me! Before I started Socialty Pro, I worked internally at several addiction treatment centers to build up their online profiles, and was paid to figure out how to get families who need help to call us. Here are the platforms that I learned and have mastered so that you can hit the ground running and save more lives.


You may have heard this before, but YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, after Google, which (not so) coincidentally also owns it. While I am sure you have an effective SEO strategy to drive website traffic, you may not be leveraging YouTube as a search engine to reach even more people. 

There are two ways That I leverage YouTube to grow addiction treatment centers online. And in fact, I have grown two of the largest YouTube channels for addiction treatment centers in the world using these strategies.

Dr. B addiction recovery YouTube channel

Leveraging YouTube as a search engine.

 Leverage tools like Tube Buddy or VidIQ alongside SEO tools like Ahrefs or Semrush to find out what search terms are getting consistent views and could lead to an admit. I have found that by creating educational guides around individual drug types and questions consistently perform well. Creating detailed videos around “Benzo detox”, “Opiate detox”, “How to quit Heroin”, and “What is rehab like?”, for example, are terms that are evergreen which means that they will always be searched for. 

Accompanying Your SEO Strategy

If you are actively writing blog articles and creating landing pages for levels of care that you offer, individual types of drugs that you help people recover from, and even mental health topics, create a video to embed within the article! This is such an effective and underutilized strategy! While it can be difficult to rank your page in the Google Search results, embedding a video into your article unlocks the ability for your page to be indexed in the Google Videos tab. Don’t sleep on this as it can drive you thousands of extra website visitors.  


I know I know, you still think that TikTok is an app for kids and dancing videos. Well, while there is some of that, there is a THRIVING addiction recovery community on there like https://solacetreatmentcenter.com/. We have mastered TikTok in the recovery space as you can see in these accounts that we personally manage. Not only that, but we were named as one of the top TikTok marketing experts in the entire world (#18)! 

Austin Armstrong TikTok
Dr. B TikTok
Real Talk Recovery TikTok
Pej Alaghamandan TikTok

TikTok is a short vertical video platform. 30 second or less educational content performs extremely well. Provide bullet pointed information, tell wild stories about substance abuse, and inspiring stories about recovery. Fun transitions with a powerful initial hook and trending music is a strategy we have proven over and over again. Go live one per week, and communicate with your audience by answering their questions. Learn more about our TikTok marketing strategies in this article. 


Here’s where I am going to turn your entire to-date social media strategy on its head. Stop posting the same quotes over and over again. Every drug rehab center is doing it and if you want to stand apart from them, you have to do something different. Luckily, you can do this pretty easily. Go into this social media video marketing strategy with a repurposing mindset. 2021 has been a fascinating year for social media marketing. Because TikTok has stolen so much market share, all of the other platforms have gone all in on short vertical video content. What I personally do, is repurpose 30-second or less videos across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest.

How to grow on Instagram

After you post a 30-second Instagram Reel, share it into your Stories, and then save that story as a highlight on your account. I tested this strategy on our Instagram account for 30 days straight posting 2-3 videos every single day. In 30 days I gained over 10,000 new followers, and reached approximately 1.3million people. You can do this too. Go live on Instagram as well frequently. If you are able to use 2 phones, you can go live on Instagram and TikTok at the same time.


Facebook is now a mature social media platform, but is still used by hundreds of millions of people in the United States. Facebook is NOT a platform just to post your blog articles onto. It’s a direct line of communication with people who need your help. Yes, share your blog posts, upload videos that you are already creating, and regularly go live. However, interaction is where the real potential is to drive leads for your center. Regularly engage with and share your content into one of the hundreds of addiction recovery groups that have sometimes tens of thousands of active people in them. Encourage an open dialogue with people and regularly answer everyone’s comments as well as provide genuinely helpful information. 


Pinterest is another very overlooked platform because it’s not in the forefront of everyone’s minds like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

However, Pinterest is a powerful search engine that’s demographic leans exactly to who you are trying to reach, mothers.

By regularly creating and posting content like how to help alcoholic or addicted spouses, addiction signs in children, and warning signs of drug abuse, you are tapping into a powerful audience. We have seen Pinterest consistently drive thousands of website visitors. 

The best current marketing strategies for Pinterest:

  1. Repurpose your vertical videos as Idea Pins. 
  2. Create a 1000X1500 image for every single page on your website. Optimize that Pin on Pinterest with the same title and meta description as in your web page and link to the article. 
  3. Create boards around every level of care and treatment modality that you offer as well as categories of drugs.
  4. Post 8-10 Pins every day. I know this sounds alot but using a tool like Tailwind make this very simple to do. Typically a 70-30 rule is best practice where you “repin” 70% other people’s content into your boards, while posting 30% of your own content.
drug rehab social media marketing

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