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Dental Marketing Services For More Patients, More Revenue, Build Practice Authority

Right now is the perfect time for your orthodontic or dental practice or to start building a marketing strategy. As you can see in the screenshot, local search terms such as “dentist near me” have been consistently trending upward for the past 5 years. This trend is only going to increase and if you don’t have an effective orthodontist marketing strategy in place, guess what? Your competitors will. It’s not enough to just have a website that was built years ago any more. Having a “good enough” mentality is what is going to cause your phone calls, website traffic, and new patients to steadily decline and allow other dental practices near you to to increase.

Let us show you a solution. At Socialty Pro, we have years of digital marketing experience helping the healthcare space. Not only do we incorporate strategies like Local SEO, Video MarketingPaid Advertising, and Social Media Marketing to grow your dental practice, we make the process fun and enjoyable to you! We understand that marketing is a burden. We also understand that if you choose to work with us, the relationship may not be forever. We empower you and train both you and your staff on how to market your dental practice online. Call Us today for a free dental practice marketing consultation! We promise this phone call alone will provide you with value.

Why Your Orthodontic or Dental Practice Needs Marketing

We want your dental practice to succeed. Not just in the short term, but dominate the online space for years. The American Dental Association says that in 2019 there were more than 200,000 active dentists in the United States.That is a lot of competition! How do you and your practice stand apart from these 200,000 dentists? Strategic marketing. A common marketing phrase that we love to incorporate throughout our strategies is to build the know, like, and trust factor. How do you do this? By continually showing up across multiple platforms, having a likable and engaging communication style, and educating your potential patients with tools for how they can maintain a healthy and clean mouth!

Orthodontic Marketing Statistics You Should Know

How to Create the Best Dental/Orthodontic Marketing Plan

Creating the best dental marketing plan starts with your patient in mind. Having a clear understanding of what their needs are, their pain points, what they are searching for online, and where they are hanging out online are your keys to success. We love to do competitor research to find all of this information out. Websites like www.UberSuggest.io and www.Ahrefs.com are fantastic ways to essentially spy on other dental practice websites and see what is working for them so that it can work for you too!

When you decide to work with us, we will outline and provide you with a complete roadmap to grow your dental practice online. We take care of the competitor research for you and provide you with a detailed report of what is working for your competitors. We also will outline a comprehensive digital, video, and social media strategy for you that you can execute. This is completely yours to use, regardless if we earn your business for 6 months, or 6 years! We want to provide you with all of the tools for your online success. Call us today for a free consultation and website assessment!

Local SEO For Dentists and Orthodontists

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is essential not only for dentists and orthodontists but every local based business. 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. This is all the more important when you look at Google Maps and how people find dental practices like yours. They rely on reviews, proximity, and oftentimes the first results that show up. A good local SEO strategy for dentists is to both stay active on your Google My Business(GMB) page and create local service oriented pages on your website. Actively getting reviews, responding to reviews, posting pictures, and posting service pages on your GMB is one of the fastest and best strategies to increase local leads.

Local service based pages are another fantastic strategy to reach your audience when the Google map pack is clustered with competition. For instance, if you offer root canals and you are in Costa Mesa, CA, you will want to create a specific page around Costa Mesa Root Canal Treatment. This will help increase your local results when someone searches for “root canal treatment near me” for instance. Leveraging this strategy for every service that your dental practice offers will help set you apart from your competition and increase your local SEO.

local SEO for dentists

Web Design for Orthodontists & Dentists

Your website matters. Unfortunately, not every website is made equal. You may have had some great success creating pages that rank on Google. However we often see websites that people immediately leave or do not convert into a call! This is common because of several reasons. 1. Your website is slow. 2. Not enough call to actions 3. The website is more about your services and less about the patient.

Effective web design for orthodontists and dentists incorporate elements that educate your audience on why they need your services and how to quickly and easily schedule an appointment. Slow websites also are a major factor towards losing prospective patients. 40 percent of consumers will wait no more than three seconds for a web page to render before abandoning the site. There are many ways that you can speed up your website. Here are a few quick ways to ensure your website loads as fast as possible:

Contact us today for all of your web design needs. Whether you are building a website from scratch or just need a fresh redesign built to convert traffic into patients, our team at Socialty Pro is here for you!

Social Media Marketing For Dental Practices

In this survey that polled 1,000 Americans, 41% of them stated social media could drastically influence the medical facility that they select. Social media uses engaging methods to take people’s attention and provides a real-time discussion panel where you can directly communicate with your prospective patients and stay top of mind. Both the problem and opportunity for you hear is that many dentists and orthodontists aren’t using social media in the best way.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram shouldn’t be used to only just share your latest blog post. These are platforms that you can educate your clients, build their trust, and remain top of mind. They may not need your services the first time they see you, but after seeing multiple videos, reading your blogs, and engaging with you on a live stream, when it comes time that they need you for themselves or their children, your practice is going to be the first one that they think of.

Social Media Platforms You Should Be Active On:

While there are other platforms, these platforms are the ones we see convert traffic into actual patients.

  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Learn more in our 7 Dental Marketing Strategies Guide

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Hire Socialty Pro, The Best Dental Marketing Company

At Socialty Pro, we take dental marketing to a whole different level. Our mission is to take the annoying nature out of digital marketing for you and to turn it into an essential and fun asset! We have years of experience helping healthcare experts like yourself grow their practices online and building their businesses in the process. Quite frankly, we’re a team that is truly passionate about digital marketing and know exactly how to get you results. Contact us today for a completely free consultation to discuss how you can grow your practice.