Meet the Team

Austin Armstrong

CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. G

Co-Founder, Clinical Psychologist

Nicole Ploudre

Account Manager

Mahyar Goodarzi

SEO Account Manager

Jimmy Ferrara

Video Production & Editing

Save Time & Effort With the Socialty Pro

Online Marketing

Whether it’s website traffic, growing your social media presence or creating content we have over 5+ years of expertise in creating strategies and content that get results!

Video Production

We provide all the resources needed to produce a top notch high quality video. If you have an idea you want to shoot, or an event, or if you need some help creating a video idea, we’ve got you covered!

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Advertising

If you have a great product, service, or brand, advertisement on these social media platforms will be the gasoline to the fire! We have helped our clients expedite their results through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube advertising, and have well over delivered on their ROI! Find out how we can do the same for you by clicking the button below.

What to Expect When You Partner with Socialty Pro


Socialize Your Specialty, Build Your Brand.

We are an established digital marketing agency that specializes in vertical video marketing.

With over 16 years of experience, we maintain full transparency with you so you know exactly what we’re going to do and can see first-hand how our social media and digital marketing efforts are increasing your sales, leads, and revenue.

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