5 crazy useful websites you should know, Oktoberfest edition!

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Live websites that feel illegal to know. Oktoberfest edition. Syllaby. Io. Let’s use streamlined video marketing by showing you the questions your customers search for, generating you viral video scripts, videos with human-realistic avatars so you don’t have to be on camera, a complete built-in video editor, and you can even publish videos directly to your YouTube channel.

10web.io uses AI to copy competitors’ websites.

Skycop.com will let you earn up to $600 for any flight that you’ve been delayed on.

Copykat.com lets you recreate the recipes of your favorite chain restaurant foods. For instance, you can even recreate Outbacks Blooming onyon.

Capcut.com is a completely free browser-based video editor. You can edit all of your videos in here. They have all of these cool features and tons of completely free templates so you can hit the ground running and make better content.

So follow for more useful websites.

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