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Our Social Media Marketing Areas of Expertise

At Socialty Pro, we have over 16 years of social media marketing experience! Our staff has literally been doing this on every platform since Myspace! No matter where you want to grow your business or personal brand online, we can help you develop and execute a strategy. Here are some of our favorite platforms we love to work with: TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, And LinkedIn.

Client Results: 500 Million Views and Growing!

Client Results:
1 Million Views and Growing!

What Our Clients Have to Say

Austin knows the game. From the hook to retention, he can position a product in a way that’ll maximize views and clicks. I’ve worked with him for 2 years (still on-going) and he’s mastered his craft. Most folks burn out after 12 months, but he continues to adapt. Austin is a must-have in your marketing execution.

Matt Lo
CEO of Chip Bot

After working with more than 50+ creators, Austin is the most exuberant, and responsive creator I’ve ever worked with. Additionally, Austin is one of our higher performers as he knows how to grab attention and keep it. He has been a great addition to our marketing efforts to elevate our brand!
TubeBuddy has worked with Austin several times on various projects. There is an art to producing branded content and his process and vision have always resulted in great work. In addition to strong content, Austin’s professionalism and punctuality with deadlines are unmatched.

What to Expect When You Partner with Socialty Pro


Socialize Your Specialty, Build Your Brand.

We are an established digital marketing agency that specializes in vertical video marketing.

With over 16 years of experience, we maintain full transparency with you so you know exactly what we’re going to do and can see first-hand how our social media and digital marketing efforts are increasing your sales, leads, and revenue.

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Our custom vertical video marketing process includes:

  • A thorough onboarding call to outline exactly who we’re trying to reach
  • A custom social media strategy that’s easy to follow and execute
  • A complete competitor analysis of what’s working for them so it can work for you too
  • Social media analytics reports that give a full overview of your social media growth and performance.
    Monthly breakdown of the social media tasks we’ve performed
  • Dedicated social media account manager is available to you by Zoom, Skype, email, or phone to respond to any questions you have
  • Social media and digital marketing consulting with our founder Austin Armstrong is also available to either train or oversee your team and help them optimize your social media campaigns.

Each campaign includes: On-going coaching calls, a dedicated video editor, a dedicated account manager who schedules and posts your videos across the most influential platforms on social media!

Our mission is to make the tedious task of creating engaging viral videos off of your plate and empower you with the knowledge to succeed in this digital world.

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